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Theranostic platforms in neurodegenerative diseases…and beyond

Aggiornamento: 12 mar 2022

The complex and exciting scenario of the neurodegenerative diseases illustrated by Dr. Marco Peviani at our Lab.

The neuroinflammatory processes contribute to shaping the neuronal microenvironment and have a direct impact on the disease progression. Accumulated evidences suggest that the heterogenous glial cell responses occurring during disease progression reflect not only the extent of neuronal demise in different CNS regions, but also variable engagement in the attempts to cope with the neuronal damage.

He has presented his current efforts ranging from single-cell RNAseq profiling to development of novel MRI/PET traceable cell-targeted nanovector platforms to obtain better insights into the complexity of glial-cell responses and possibly pave the way for more efficacious therapeutic approaches.

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